Ассистент режиссёра на Grease Live! Керри Хэвел опубликовала на своей странице в Facebook видео того, как она вела трансляцию сцены «»Greased Lightnin'». Пользователь Youtube Charbs20 сделал сплит-скрин видео сцены.
Вот, что из этого получилось

Grease Live Control Room Split Screen

Мисс Хэвел называет номера кадров, задаёт паузы между сменами планов и даёт команды видеоинженерам и операторам.

А вчера телевизионный режиссёр-постановщик Алекс Рудзински опубликовал сплит-скрин видео гонки за 100 секунд и раскрыл некоторые секреты.

Grease Live! — Car Chase, how we did it — live.So many people have asked how the car chase scene was filmed live. Here's a little peek. We had 150 cues in 100 seconds, we had wireless speakers in the cars so the actors and crew could hear a 100 count which you can hear on this video. every department including the actors had different cues to hit at different points in the timeline. Lighting, audio, camera, staging, special effects etc. For those 100 seconds we didn't have any mics live, just sound effects and music.overhead projection and a cameraman suspended in the air achieved the aerial shots, go pro cameras on wireless video links gave us the in car footage. Danny's car was remote controlled to move at the end, it had a special electric motor and baby wheels under the car to move it as gas / petrol engines are not allowed on soundstages.

Опубликовано Alex Rudzinski 3 февраля 2016 г.